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Nothing exciting about this post, want to just share about certain items I collect. One thing I like to collect are teacups, mugs and pretty tableware. I was just going to show the teacups but I have some other pretty tableware so I put them all together. I brought all these teacups with me from my hometown, a few each time I visited my family and a few were sent to me in the mail from my mom. In Japan these sort of porcelain teacups are expensive even from the thrift store, usually costing 4000yen and up, so that is why I brought them from home where its much cheaper.


I like to collect tyrolean/alpine folk trims for sewing. Took me forever to neatly wind them up around a board one by one they were all scattered about in an unorganized mess beforehand. I have multiple cuttings of some but did not display duplicates of the same for this picture.



Handfans, a few of them I painted/added to.


And lastly I like to collect tin containers.


Do you collect anything? If so what sorts of stuff? 🙂