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About 2 months ago I bought these pair of ballet strap shoes (they appear to be flats but have a slight heel that is hard to see in the pictures) from a store called Gujo (called no-brand store). I have a hard time getting shoes in Japan because shoe sizes are really small and limited in Japan. Most stores sell shoes that go up to 24.5 cm. My feet are usually 25 cm-26cm depending on the width and design of the shoe but generally my feet are 25 cm and a size 8 in U.S. size which is too big for Japans small maximum size. Everytime there is a shoe my size in Japan that fits its usually a very plain looking shoe and its really rare when I do find any shoes that fit. Sadly LizLisa and Axes Femme never sell my shoe size, both brands only go up to a size L which is 24.5 cm. So I always have to alter a plain pair of shoes when I actually find a pair.

This is the before and after of the alteration, I sewed pearls onto each flower for an extra detail.