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In Japan Valentine`s day is for girls/ladies to give guys chocolates or other sweets & gifts, and White day on March 14 is a day guys give girls/ladies chocolates or other sweets & gifts in return.  I know its still a few weeks until Valentine`s day but with the excitement of Christmas and New Years over January feels a bit boring and the stores have come in with Valentine`s stuff earlier this week finally, while the Hina doll displays have already been out since early January for Girls Day which is not until March! But they put it out months in advance which in a way is a bit annoying lol. Girl`s day is when people put up a traditional Japanese royal court doll displays for their girls. There is a set of dolls that come in an elaborate glass display case, and they are very expensive…

I love the artistic display of the Valentine`s chocolates in Japan because they are little works of art, they make chocolates into the shapes of all kinds of designs and colors. I got a little carried away and bought several different chocolate boxes because I could not resist the boxes (more than the chocolates)! Two I bought come in tin boxes.

Its not as fun though to celebrate Valentine`s day when you are already married since you both live in the same household anyway, but I like buying Valentine chocolates anyways just because the boxes and chocolate designs are so neat. My husband likes crunchy chocolate so I had to find some crunchy chocolates, it was hard to find any crunchy chocolate as the smooth chocolate is more popular :/ Only the Snoopy and Rilakkuma ones had a crunchy chocolate one, oh well my husband loves Rilakkuma so its what I thought about getting him anyway.


this tin is so pretty, its so pastel and reminds me of Laduree:


love the dove shaped chocolates inside of it:


B.B. Chocolat teddy bear tin:

a teddy bear is inside with loose little oval shaped chocolates:


inside the rilakkuma one, it also comes with a cookie besides the chocolates:


the cute bags that came with: