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I visited Takayama Gifu a tourist mountain town in Japan over the New Years Japanese national holiday/break time. Although its my second time to go to Takayama, but my first time to explore the town, the first time I visited Takayama in 2014 I only stayed in a hotel there to sleep, and went off to Shirakawago which is an hour or so drive away from the town but did not look around Takayama the town itself, so it was my first time to actually see the town this time!

I found the cutest shop advertised in a tourist magazine one of the hotels provided and decided to go visit that shop, the name of the shop is Pie Tick Park.


It just so happens about a week or so before going to Takayama that I was in search for fake birds to make a winter hair crown like the one Angela Clayton made out of cranberry’s .

(I highly recommend to check out Angela Clayton, she makes beautiful historical and fantasy costumes and hair pieces).

Pie Tick Park shop specializes in fake birds and also sells other fake animal decor too (like fake butterflies, frogs, dragonflies, other forest animals, etc.). Its main theme is birds, and there is basically a sea of birds in there in every color and design! And lots of nesting materials, like nests, branches, fake eggs, etc. If you are into forest themed stuff or birds you would love this store!

The birds, a small cage, and nest I bought from Pie Tick Park!


The shopping bags with the shops cute logos on them.  The logo is egg shaped with a hummingbird on it:


Pictures of the shop


me standing in front of the shop








Pie Tick Park’s sister shop/other store branch that I visited as well, this one had a really neat traditional Japanese rustic architecture atmosphere and a cafe area in it where you could order coffee, tea, sweets, etc. but the cafe part was closed when I visited although the shop itself was open. The sister shop/other branch of Pie Tick Park was located in the historical street/district/popular tourist spot of Takayama:



dsc00246_zpsssqyv0hbthe two areas in the store that had cafe seating/cafe area, too bad it was closed as it had a traditional Japanese rustic atmosphere: