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The other day I was looking at the magazine section at the store and found a Polly Pocket mook. At first I thought I was just *seeing things* but did a double look and realized it really was Polly Pocket and was so excited. I used to have some Polly Pockets when I was a little kid in the early 90s, I had 1 compact one and several house/building shaped ones. I have not seen the *pocket* sized Polly Pockets for over 2 decades so I got so thrilled and bought it.

This mook comes with a magazine that has some of the Polly Pockets pictured (about 100 or so), and also comes with an actual Polly Pocket! It is a remake/color makeover of the Ballerina Polly Pocket that came out in 1993, this new version of it has a different color scheme.

I was so surprised they had Polly Pockets in Japan back in the 90s as well, and that I would find Polly Pocket appear nowdays and that it would show up in Japan the present time! Japan also had a licensed Bandai Angel Pockets in the 90s which were exactly like Polly Pockets but just a different color paint job on each one, although the scenes and designs were exactly like the Polly Pockets. Of course though they sold Polly Pockets besides AngelPockets in Japan.

Here is the mook and Polly Pocket that came with it that I got!

Since the new mook version of the Ballerina one didn’t come with a tutu they give instructions in the magazine on how to make a tutu yourself. I don’t know why they didn’t just provide the tutu in the first place considering this mook was not that cheap, oh well looks like I am going to have to make a tutu soon!

I love how it’s ballerina themed and she spins on the top part in front of the mirror. The difference between the original version and the new remake debut version:

These are 2 Polly Pockets I used to have as a kid (I had a few more than just these 2, but these 2 were my favorites out of them all), unfortunately they are long gone now since they were sold off at a garage sale a long time ago…

Polly Pocket Ice Kingdom Jewel Compact (1992), this was the only makeup/mirror compact shaped one I used to have:

And a building shaped one I used to have (I had a couple of building shaped ones back then as well), this one was one of my favorite of the building shaped ones, it lit-up and opened in two spots the main part opened to reveal two levels, and the little roof on top opened to reveal a small secret 3rd level room on top: