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Over a few years I have found and collected some folk inspired clothes from Axes Femme, some of this stuff I bought new from random releases and some of this I bought secondhand. This is not all my Axes Femme clothes but this is all the folk style or at least folk/ethnic/tyrolean inspired Axes Femme clothes. (This post is just a collective thought for me to organize my wardrobe and also to group my specific style of clothes into a category).

All of them layed out together:

Pictures below are the names of the items/the clothing item`s official names, kind of like how lolita brands name each clothing piece. Unfortunately Axes Femme re-modeled their blog recently and any of their entries prior to October got deleted when they re-modeled so it makes it harder to find older clothes names, but I had some of the names kept somewhere and also researched what the other missing names were. I wish Axes Femme and Liz Lisa had a database similar to Loli library that has the official names of every item that came out from each brand, picture of each item, and original selling price.

  1. スカーフパネル柄ワンピース (Scarf Panel Pattern one-piece). (The print sort of reminds me of Innocent World`s Rose Panel jsk/dress). :

2. フラワーボーダーワンピース (Flower Border one-piece):

3. メルヘン風景チュニック (Melhen/Fairytale Landscape tunic):

4. バンビ幾何柄チュニック (Bambi Deer Geometric Pattern tunic), I am glad I have found this one on yahoo auction as its hard to find and was released in 2010 which is considered a long time ago in Japan`s quick fashion world. The print sort reminds me of Folk Gorodet art. :

5. 馬柄ワンピース (Horse Pattern one-piece). This one also reminds me of Folk Gorodet art, and I have seen Gorodet art of horses in similar designs as the ones on this dress:

6. エスニックバンダナパネルワンピース (Ethnic Bandanna Panel one-piece):

7. フルーツ柄 ワンピース (Fruit Pattern One-Piece):

8. フルーツ柄パネル ミディースカート (Fruit Pattern Panel Midi skirt):

9. スカーフパネル花柄スカート (Scarf Panel Floral skirt):

10. 大判パネル柄スカーフ (Large Designed Panel Pattern scarf):

11.  花のストライプロングスカート (Flower Stripe long skirt):

12. 鳩時計モチーフネックレス (Cuckoo Clock Motif necklace):

13. フルーツプリントスカーフ (Fruit Print scarf) I forgot to add this to the all together photo.