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I have always wanted a tiered metal plate stand like the kind you see at an afternoon tea/high tea in a British style teatime, usually though these stands are expensive but after searching a whole lot on the internet I found a reasonable priced and a nice style tiered metal stand on rakuten. I had to search for plates seperately since it only came with the stand, its really hard to find floral small plates in Japan, I only found one place that had rose floral type plates that were not outrageously expensive. Western style plates, teacups and anything “foreign” is really expensive in Japan. The plates I got were the only reasonable and pretty plates I could find in the area for aroun 600yen each/6 dollars. Now my Re-Ment Mickey and Minnie cake stand have a real life cake stand to sit side by side!

And I got some cinammon sticks I found at Daiso in their Autumn Seasonal collection, normally I don`t see cinammon sticks anywhere in Japan so I had to get them! The folk panel dress from Axes Femme I decided on the white & red one as the pattern standed out the best in this color version. Also got a big cameo necklace from Axes Femme. I think I spent too much this month >_<;