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I got this tamagotchi at the local electronic store on clearance for 2000yen which is a great deal as they usually go for 4500 yen or more. I honestly wouldn`t of bought it if it was regular price, as I told myself I would buy one only if I ever find one on clearance/at a good deal! I was curious to bring back a nostalgic feeling of having a virtual pet like the 1990s (I know…that was a long time ago).

I am so excited to have a tamagotchi with a colored screen as the 90s ones did not have colors. Of course there is more things to do on this modern tamagotchi than the old 90s ones as well. I think the colors are super cute on the shell too. I love how its multi-colored of pink and pastel lavender and has jewels on it.

The seperate ribbon is a deco *piece* that you can attach to your tamagotchi to get extra content, this one is a deco piece called melody land pierce.