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I love Re-ment /miniatures and last week I was at the local mall and went down the aisle displaying and selling Re-ment and I couldn’t resist when I saw the Minnie&Mickey Happy Wedding Dream collection. I wanted some teaparty/formal table items for my Pullip doll for photoshoots and I thought this collection was perfect. I bought 2 of the Re-ment boxes at the store, and ordered one box online (because I did not get the one I really wanted from the first 2 boxes I tried at).

Here is what the whole collection looks like,  they set up everything in random order in this picture though, not how each box of items comes with/in the order of the sets.

Here is all what I have I made a little display look for this:

The 2 sets I blindly got from the local mall were the cake set which included, the 1st box: the big cake you see at the bottom shelf, a cake knife, the plate and cake slice seen on the top shelf with the fork, and the 2nd box: Minnie mouse figurine, a fake ring, a guest book, and a flower bouquet.  I wasn’t so crazy about the 2nd box of stuff because it seemed like they ran out of neat ideas so they just threw in a random plastic ring and a bouquet that has no vase :/

The 3rd box I bought online since I didn’t not want to risk getting multiple of the same again or end up with another un-favorite one again. I mean I could of splurged and bought the whole Wedding set in a complete box for over 3000yen but I mainly only wanted some of the items from this collection. The 3rd box included the plate tiered stand/sweet stand with minnie and mickey cookies, and a cupcake with a chocolate sign on it, along with a teacup of fake tea and a spoon! I thought the plate tier stand is pretty neat as Afternoon Tea/High Tea in real life is served with one of these tiered plate stands! And this set came with the most items compare to the other ones. Now to find a Pullip sized or Barbie sized dining table somewhere which I cannot find anywhere here in Japan so I might have to buy one online.