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I got a dress from Axes Femme which was on clearance/sale! I wouldn’t of bought it if it wasn’t on sale originally but I thought hey why not its on sale and it has a folk style to it! I am not really into the v-neckline shape, I’ll probably alter the neckline. I love the lace on the top part it has a metallic sheen to it (hard to capture in the photo). The print on the skirt part is vertical striped floral design, it looks like Tyrolean trim/fabric trim design! I think it has a folk sort of look to it. I might add some Tyrolean trim to the top part of the dress so its less plain on the top. I also got the Autumn and Winter Axes Femme catalog when I bought the dress. I went over to Daiso afterward and got some miniature apples that are the perfect size for my Pullip’s basket from the new Autumn stuff they came in with at Daiso.

And I looked at the catalog of what is coming up in the Fall and Winter clothes at Axes Femme and I got super excited when I saw this folk style dress! I love how this year Autumn they are coming out with several folk style (like Tyrolean/Alps, Eastern Europe & North Europe folk type of prints) items! The last time Axes Femme had folk items in this amount in one year was in 2010 which was before I came to Japan, so I missed out but seen online photos of stuff from that year. This dress has a Eastern Europe sort of hankerchief print on it and tassles hanging from it! It will come in 3 color versions: wine, khaki and black.