I am visiting my family (long distance trip), and been here for almost 3 weeks, still a week left to go. All this week though been sick, I hope to get better for my camping trip next week before my trip is finished. I got many things while here, and here is a good portion of it:

An Eiffel tower French print watch, the watch band even has a print on it of the Eiffel tower and some postcard stamp design.

Toile/toile de jouy fabric is impossible to find in the fabric stores in Japan, I searched everywhere and could not find it. So I decided to get 4 yards of this pretty deep blue toile. I also got some cream and red toile de jouy fabric from my mom which is not shown in this picture since I will be adding a part 2 haul. Also I went to hobby lobby and got some wide gold braided trim, and some smaller gold trims as well. Braided trim is very hard to find in Japan and usually its the non wide kind if you can find it.

Some pretty paper sheets from Jo-Ann, I got a big rose design paper, and some damask&jacquard print paper as well. Print designed paper is also not available in Japan, its impossible to get scrapbooking stuff in Japan. The list of things not available in Japan is quite long, I could make a whole separate post on what you cannot find in Japan, lol.

A metallic sparkly eyeshadow palette and a flower crown found real cheap at Burlington Coat Factory, some coconut oil which is really expensive in Japan so I got a bottle to bring back. Some purple toner to get rid of brassy tones in my hair, purple toner is impossible to find in Japan as well, since not many Japanese dye their hair blonde so they don’t got really any products for blonde hair. Some light pink/rose pink semi-permanent hair dye, got several tubes of it as fun hair color dyes are not for sale in Japan other than the internet such as manic panic which costs 30 dollars per each in Japan! :/  I wanted to try another brand other than manic panic and also not wanting to spend 30 dollars just for one, so I got several dyes for 5 dollars each here at my family’s to bring back.

A Barbie Ballet doll, the background scene in the box has swans and a lake. This ballet Barbie reminds me of Swan Lake alot! I love ballerina themed stuff, and so I love this so much ❤ Her hair is put up pretty too with a Heidi braid, I really want to try a Heidi braid style on my own hair someday!

A Disney Belle makeup pouch, the fabric on the sides has a brocade gold metallic design (hard to see in the photo)