I will post on here my new wardrobe item updates, since poupee closed (and since that is where I used to be able to upload wardrobe photos). I got this umbrella the other day at Axes Femme, it comes in two colorways and it seems many times I end up choosing the least popular colorway, I thought for sure the blue umbrella would sell out faster (since it seems more colorful and would not show the dirt as well as white) but for some reason the white colorway did, oh well I guess I usually think differently than other people when choosing a colorway for clothes and accessories.

Anyway I have wanted an umbrella with this fancy balloon shape and curved point for a long time since I have only had the regular modern shaped umbrellas, this shape seems more Victorian or antique? ^-^ It has a print all over it, with butterflies, birdcages, flowers and other antique-like prints.