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I know I have not been on here for a long time to update, but now that poupee girl is closing I think I would want to write on here more often to post clothing/wardrobe stuff. I got a doll because I wanted to have my own poupee girl in doll form, I know my pullip does not look exactly like my poupee girl, but I really would like to make her clothes inspired or made like the clothes on poupee girl market, past events and Katherine shop.

Pullip are not near as expensive as BJD but still they can be pricey if someone is not used to paying that much money for a doll. I searched around on yahoo auctions for a Pullip to save alot of money, I know its secondhand but as long as the doll is in good shape that’s all that matters to me 🙂 I ended up getting a Pullip that comes with no clothes she is the Marie Antoinette Pullip/Rose of Versailles but of course no dress, but she comes with her stand, her original wig and hair clips and original package/box, but she has no signs of damage on her body or face, her hair was a bit messy though, but nothing else, her package/box is in pretty good shape too. She was 5000yen including the shipping which was not a bad price.

I wanted her to have a travel case/trunk so I got this Eiffel tower print trunk and she fits perfect in it! I made her the dress and flower crown, but in this picture I was not finished with her dress, her dress will have sleeves and lace added, I will update a photo of her dress when its completely finished. I am also adding some background scene inside her trunk since the interior of the trunk is just plain black.

She came with the little side hair rolls that clip in but I think her hair looks better without those hair rolls, so I leave them out.

And her box she came in, I took her out already when I took a picture lol but she was hard to get out because she was secured very well and had tissue paper over her eyes to protect her eyes and lots of bubble wrap (that I already took mostly out in this photo)