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I was originally planning to visit another city called Okayama last weekend to view the sakura/cherry blossoms, but it got cancelled because a certain someone got sick 😦  Last year I got to visit Osaka for the sakura viewing though! This weekend I went to a local park that had a small field of tulips and had a small path area with sakura and other flowers that were blooming so at least I got to enjoy some sakura on a small scale with some other flowers. Also my apartment has a few sakura trees in front of it that were blooming 🙂

About 40 minute drive from my hometown there is a big tulip festival with really big fields and garden of tulips, but now that I live in Japan I cannot go to it, unless I happen to fly home to visit my hometown. The local tulip place in Japan is much smaller of a tulip field than my hometown but its better than nothing and gives me a little piece of home to be reminded of 🙂 My town region here in Japan actually has a tulip for its town-mascot which is cute! Someday I would love to visit Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki during the tulip blooming, or maybe just anytime of the year I would love to visit Huis Ten Bosch to have a little bit of my hometown feeling.

Here is the town mascot here in Japan where I live:

And here are a some pictures from last years Osaka sakura trip:

And pictures from this past weekend of my outfit for that day, and my local area at the small tulip field&other flowers: