I have to say when April came a week ago and LizLisa and all the other Vent online stores had their website revamped from Vent to the now new TokyoKawaiiLife I am really disappointed in the new look of the website and how LizLisa is continuing to stray from their original romantic and frilly style. Seems going into summer they will continue the retro and pop/trend styles at LizLisa *cries*. I feel like one of my favorite brands has died. LizLisa has the new “Popping Ribbon” series and they are collaborating more and more with Popteen magazine (which has also strayed from their “gyaru” style and is now about teen girls with the more idol/AKB48 look and about follow trends rather than standing out :/ ). LizLisa is looking more and more idol pop style/teenager/younger with their modelling style, clothes and collabs with Popteen. Maybe if this continues into Fall season I will have to accept the fact that they are probably not going to go back to their old “doll-like/hime/roma gyaru” styles anymore 😦 If that is so maybe all I have left of LizLisa is their secondhand clothes…oh well at least I have Axes Femme..

Also I am disappointed they are using Dakota Koti for LizLisa clothes model pictures now, if you don’t know anything about Dakotakoti she is a liar and a fake, who photoshops her photos and modifies her videos to make herself look different than she actually looks. And not just that she has been a bully in the past, and her sister and her made a racist video before making fun of Asians.


LizLisa’s Popping Ribbon new look…

Dakotakoti is on LizLisa’s webshop if you go onto some of their clothes&accessories, and in this photo above, she is at the bottom 2nd from the left and on the far right-center and far left-center in this photo.