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So yesterday I went on a little day trip to a place where you can see free-roaming monkeys that are native to Japan (that live in the forest nearby the center and come to it to get free food from the monkey center staff (they hand out oranges and other fruit to the monkeys). During certain times of the year there is a lower chance of the monkeys coming near the monkey center thus if you go there you cannot see them if the monkeys don’t show up/come as the monkeys are out in the forest. During the colder months the chance of the monkeys coming is the highest at 98 percent.

It takes about 1-2 hours from where I live to get to the monkey center. The monkey center is located on a small island called Awaji/Awajishima. Most of the monkeys were laying around grooming each others fur, some were playing, a whole bunch of them were laying on the pathway so we had to be careful not to step on them and walk between them. It was windy as its near the ocean on a hill/cliff so my hair got all messed up, but it was sunny which was nice. I seen one of the monkeys eating an orange. This part of Japan oranges grow/are native so I am not sure if the monkey got it from the forest or if one of the staff gave it to them. One monkey slid down a drain pipe pole that was on a small building (the building was a little indoor resting area for people, with info and pictures of the monkeys) it was quite funny when the monkey slid down the pole as we almost got in the way of the monkey when the monkey slid down, unfortunately I did not get a picture or video footage when the monkey slid down the pole XD There was also a deer that was hanging out by the monkeys as well and crossed the pathway. I wonder how the deer and monkey get along with each.

I have a few more photos with me in it with the monkeys in the background but my hair looked awful from the wind so I decided to only show one with me in it and the rest are of the monkeys themselves XD I fixed up my hair before dinner. Was wearing one of my favorite LizLisa dresses, its so soft and pretty ❤

I got some cute hard candy that has little monkey faces on it at the gift shop at the center, its so neat I almost do not want to open the bag and eat them since they are neat enough to just look at.

After we went to the monkey center we went to a restaurant near the Akashi Kaikyo Suspension Bridge (the longest suspension bridge in the world that connect to the main island of Japan, and Kobe city is on the other side of the bridge). Since I do not live far from this Awaji Island I have been several times to this island and of course been over that bridge many times, but it was my first time to get to visit the monkey center and get to see the monkeys for the first time!