I went to Starbucks last weekend, and was excited as I finally got to try the sakura coffee for my first time! Last year I tried to go to Starbucks during the Japan campaign of the sakura line, I even checked online and seen the flyer still on their main page but for some reason they didn’t have any at the local Starbucks last year. So happy I didn’t miss it this year. So I got a slice of sakura shortcake and sakura chocolate frappuccino. I know its a bit cold out but I always prefer the cold drink at Starbucks. I wanted to get a collectors cup/tumbler/thermos or mug, and I told myself I would go and look at them on the shelf after I finish my coffee and cake, but I totally forgot as I was with 2 girls I met up with for the first time and I was so distracted. Oh well, maybe I shall return soon (hopefully it won’t be gone). About the taste of the coffee and cake, it tasted like イチゴ/strawberries, specifically like strawberry shortcake! That is what the taste reminded me of, I can’t think of anything else it reminded me of/tasted like, and the reason it tasted like strawberry was because they put strawberry chocolate shavings on it. I don’t know if a real sakura petal tastes like anything, but they made it strawberry flavor so in any case its yummy even if it did not have any unusual taste, as I love strawberry shortcake flavored items.

The mug and cup line:


The pink cake and frappuccino I got: