I thought it would be fun to make a post about things I no longer have. I don’t know about you but I got a small closet space and not only that but stuff gets worn out or there are things I just never wear, and also my style changes. Either I donate, or give the stuff to family or friends (in Japan they don’t have classified ads or garage sales, for getting rid of stuff/selling, they use auctions, I don’t like the fuss or hassle of selling online, shipping, etc.).

I did not post pictures of the most recent 5 pages of my poupee because there is nothing on the 5 newest pages I got rid of or are thinking about getting rid of. Poupee doesn’t allow us to delete items/clothes, which is a sort of dumb thing because who keeps the same clothes always forever, well maybe some clothes but usually not all clothes especially if they fall apart. These are all the complete pages of clothes other than those 5 pages (of course I did not take a picture of all stuff, some things not). I did a few major cleanings a few weeks ago and also a few months ago, I had massive bags of stuff I got rid of. How about you? Have you done any closet cleaning?

All the things circled in pink are what I have donated or gave to friends or had to throw away (if it was too badly worn/broken clothes/shoes and tarnished/broken jewerly), or in some cases I lost a few items. T-T Yes I am that clumsy I actually lost a shirt and a pendant from a little trip I went on; I accidently threw something away and also left something probably at an onsen, so I lost a few things. I also lost the necklace watch 😦

The blue circled things are things I am thinking about getting rid of either by donating or giving to family or friends.

I hate how the previews of my pictures are small on this journal, click on each picture to see larger or to be easier just right click each image and choose “open link in new tab”.