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There are alot of new clothes that came out on the Liz Lisa webshop this weekend, the Spring 2014 collection. I don’t know if I am really into the collection of Spring clothes from LizLisa this year, the theme is “Pin Up Girl”, it has a very 1950s highschool look and feel to many of the clothes. I never really cared for the 1950s clothing styles, and some it seems like a “young teenage girl” look to me. I don’t really like retro stuff its too plain and ordinary and I am not a fan of huge checker prints, I like classical or antique but not retro. I do like lavender color, which they seem to have alot of in this collection, I just don’t like the hip hugging/pencil silhoutte of the clothes or the designs, its lacking in the “romantic floral and lace design” that I love.

I just love the pattern of the Diagram Flower Pattern Dress ❤But I am not sure if this Diagram dress is really part of the Spring Collection as it came out a week before the “Pin-Up collection” and was immediately on sale/half off, but in any case its the only thing that I found for my style. What do you think about the new Spring Collection? Is there anything from the Spring 2014 clothes that interests you?

The diagram dress:

Diagram Flower Pattern Dress

here are the Spring Pin-Up LizLisa 2014 clothes: