Various items I collect


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Nothing exciting about this post, want to just share about certain items I collect. One thing I like to collect are teacups, mugs and pretty tableware. I was just going to show the teacups but I have some other pretty tableware so I put them all together. I brought all these teacups with me from my hometown, a few each time I visited my family and a few were sent to me in the mail from my mom. In Japan these sort of porcelain teacups are expensive even from the thrift store, usually costing 4000yen and up, so that is why I brought them from home where its much cheaper.


I like to collect tyrolean/alpine folk trims for sewing. Took me forever to neatly wind them up around a board one by one they were all scattered about in an unorganized mess beforehand. I have multiple cuttings of some but did not display duplicates of the same for this picture.



Handfans, a few of them I painted/added to.


And lastly I like to collect tin containers.


Do you collect anything? If so what sorts of stuff? 🙂

revamping a pair of shoes


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About 2 months ago I bought these pair of ballet strap shoes (they appear to be flats but have a slight heel that is hard to see in the pictures) from a store called Gujo (called no-brand store). I have a hard time getting shoes in Japan because shoe sizes are really small and limited in Japan. Most stores sell shoes that go up to 24.5 cm. My feet are usually 25 cm-26cm depending on the width and design of the shoe but generally my feet are 25 cm and a size 8 in U.S. size which is too big for Japans small maximum size. Everytime there is a shoe my size in Japan that fits its usually a very plain looking shoe and its really rare when I do find any shoes that fit. Sadly LizLisa and Axes Femme never sell my shoe size, both brands only go up to a size L which is 24.5 cm. So I always have to alter a plain pair of shoes when I actually find a pair.

This is the before and after of the alteration, I sewed pearls onto each flower for an extra detail.


Axes Femme Tangled Collab & Laduree


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Recently Axes Femme started a collaboration with the Disney movie Tangled (which is called Rapunzel in Japanese). I just love this collection so much. This is not the first time Axes Femme did a Disney Collab, in the past they have done Alice and Wonderland, Frozen, Cinderella, and just 2 months ago Beauty and the Beast. This is the Tangled/Rapunzel collection currently at Axes Femme (my favorite is the jewelry items and the skirts from this collection). :

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I went to a physical store of Axes Femme to try on the dress from the Tangled/Rapunzel collection but sadly it did not look as good worn, it looked frumpy on me. The waistline on the dress started too high up but is a short above knee skirt length so it looked really odd starting high but being so short. So I opted for the skirt (Disney(ディズニー)ハイウエスト刺繍スカート) from this collection because I love the color and embroidered boat scene print on the bottom of it. Also the back ruffle details and lace flower trim is a beautiful detail. Maybe later on I might get the earrings or the necklace (フラワープリンセスネックレス)…


I got a shirt on clearance from Axes Femme at 1300yen that goes perfect with the Rapunzel skirt:



On an unrelated note I got my first Laduree item ever from auction reasonably, a Laduree keyring/chain! It was new in the box.

and the dsc00678_zpsuycax8b2

And about 1-2months ago I got an item from the Beauty and the Beast collection, a Belle blouse, it reminds me of her golden yellow dress, love the embroidery details on the sleeves and neck bow:


Valentine chocolates in Japan


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In Japan Valentine`s day is for girls/ladies to give guys chocolates or other sweets & gifts, and White day on March 14 is a day guys give girls/ladies chocolates or other sweets & gifts in return.  I know its still a few weeks until Valentine`s day but with the excitement of Christmas and New Years over January feels a bit boring and the stores have come in with Valentine`s stuff earlier this week finally, while the Hina doll displays have already been out since early January for Girls Day which is not until March! But they put it out months in advance which in a way is a bit annoying lol. Girl`s day is when people put up a traditional Japanese royal court doll displays for their girls. There is a set of dolls that come in an elaborate glass display case, and they are very expensive…

I love the artistic display of the Valentine`s chocolates in Japan because they are little works of art, they make chocolates into the shapes of all kinds of designs and colors. I got a little carried away and bought several different chocolate boxes because I could not resist the boxes (more than the chocolates)! Two I bought come in tin boxes.

Its not as fun though to celebrate Valentine`s day when you are already married since you both live in the same household anyway, but I like buying Valentine chocolates anyways just because the boxes and chocolate designs are so neat. My husband likes crunchy chocolate so I had to find some crunchy chocolates, it was hard to find any crunchy chocolate as the smooth chocolate is more popular :/ Only the Snoopy and Rilakkuma ones had a crunchy chocolate one, oh well my husband loves Rilakkuma so its what I thought about getting him anyway.


this tin is so pretty, its so pastel and reminds me of Laduree:


love the dove shaped chocolates inside of it:


B.B. Chocolat teddy bear tin:

a teddy bear is inside with loose little oval shaped chocolates:


inside the rilakkuma one, it also comes with a cookie besides the chocolates:


the cute bags that came with:


Visiting a bird craft decor shop in Takayama Gifu


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I visited Takayama Gifu a tourist mountain town in Japan over the New Years Japanese national holiday/break time. Although its my second time to go to Takayama, but my first time to explore the town, the first time I visited Takayama in 2014 I only stayed in a hotel there to sleep, and went off to Shirakawago which is an hour or so drive away from the town but did not look around Takayama the town itself, so it was my first time to actually see the town this time!

I found the cutest shop advertised in a tourist magazine one of the hotels provided and decided to go visit that shop, the name of the shop is Pie Tick Park.


It just so happens about a week or so before going to Takayama that I was in search for fake birds to make a winter hair crown like the one Angela Clayton made out of cranberry’s .

(I highly recommend to check out Angela Clayton, she makes beautiful historical and fantasy costumes and hair pieces).

Pie Tick Park shop specializes in fake birds and also sells other fake animal decor too (like fake butterflies, frogs, dragonflies, other forest animals, etc.). Its main theme is birds, and there is basically a sea of birds in there in every color and design! And lots of nesting materials, like nests, branches, fake eggs, etc. If you are into forest themed stuff or birds you would love this store!

The birds, a small cage, and nest I bought from Pie Tick Park!


The shopping bags with the shops cute logos on them.  The logo is egg shaped with a hummingbird on it:


Pictures of the shop


me standing in front of the shop








Pie Tick Park’s sister shop/other store branch that I visited as well, this one had a really neat traditional Japanese rustic architecture atmosphere and a cafe area in it where you could order coffee, tea, sweets, etc. but the cafe part was closed when I visited although the shop itself was open. The sister shop/other branch of Pie Tick Park was located in the historical street/district/popular tourist spot of Takayama:



dsc00246_zpsssqyv0hbthe two areas in the store that had cafe seating/cafe area, too bad it was closed as it had a traditional Japanese rustic atmosphere:









new purse


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My old purse that is a bigger sized purse that I use for traveling (and I used as my carry-on purse/item) is wearing out so I decided to get a new purse. I had a 1000yen coupon which helped save money on the purse I bought 😀 I love My Melody so I just had to get a My Melody purse and it was the only big enough sized purse that was cute designed that I could find.5a13300c-879c-4d8d-bef6-7304c5093bc2_zpsmznnj86m



The cute shopping bag it came in:



Free eraser that came with, they always attach a little free gift at the Sanrio shop in Japan, usually a small little keychain/cellphone charm, little itsy bitsy plastic container or a small eraser.




Polly Pocket Mook / Japanese Magazine w/gift


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The other day I was looking at the magazine section at the store and found a Polly Pocket mook. At first I thought I was just *seeing things* but did a double look and realized it really was Polly Pocket and was so excited. I used to have some Polly Pockets when I was a little kid in the early 90s, I had 1 compact one and several house/building shaped ones. I have not seen the *pocket* sized Polly Pockets for over 2 decades so I got so thrilled and bought it.

This mook comes with a magazine that has some of the Polly Pockets pictured (about 100 or so), and also comes with an actual Polly Pocket! It is a remake/color makeover of the Ballerina Polly Pocket that came out in 1993, this new version of it has a different color scheme.

I was so surprised they had Polly Pockets in Japan back in the 90s as well, and that I would find Polly Pocket appear nowdays and that it would show up in Japan the present time! Japan also had a licensed Bandai Angel Pockets in the 90s which were exactly like Polly Pockets but just a different color paint job on each one, although the scenes and designs were exactly like the Polly Pockets. Of course though they sold Polly Pockets besides AngelPockets in Japan.

Here is the mook and Polly Pocket that came with it that I got!

Since the new mook version of the Ballerina one didn’t come with a tutu they give instructions in the magazine on how to make a tutu yourself. I don’t know why they didn’t just provide the tutu in the first place considering this mook was not that cheap, oh well looks like I am going to have to make a tutu soon!

I love how it’s ballerina themed and she spins on the top part in front of the mirror. The difference between the original version and the new remake debut version:

These are 2 Polly Pockets I used to have as a kid (I had a few more than just these 2, but these 2 were my favorites out of them all), unfortunately they are long gone now since they were sold off at a garage sale a long time ago…

Polly Pocket Ice Kingdom Jewel Compact (1992), this was the only makeup/mirror compact shaped one I used to have:

And a building shaped one I used to have (I had a couple of building shaped ones back then as well), this one was one of my favorite of the building shaped ones, it lit-up and opened in two spots the main part opened to reveal two levels, and the little roof on top opened to reveal a small secret 3rd level room on top:

folk inspired axes femme


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Over a few years I have found and collected some folk inspired clothes from Axes Femme, some of this stuff I bought new from random releases and some of this I bought secondhand. This is not all my Axes Femme clothes but this is all the folk style or at least folk/ethnic/tyrolean inspired Axes Femme clothes. (This post is just a collective thought for me to organize my wardrobe and also to group my specific style of clothes into a category).

All of them layed out together:

Pictures below are the names of the items/the clothing item`s official names, kind of like how lolita brands name each clothing piece. Unfortunately Axes Femme re-modeled their blog recently and any of their entries prior to October got deleted when they re-modeled so it makes it harder to find older clothes names, but I had some of the names kept somewhere and also researched what the other missing names were. I wish Axes Femme and Liz Lisa had a database similar to Loli library that has the official names of every item that came out from each brand, picture of each item, and original selling price.

  1. スカーフパネル柄ワンピース (Scarf Panel Pattern one-piece). (The print sort of reminds me of Innocent World`s Rose Panel jsk/dress). :

2. フラワーボーダーワンピース (Flower Border one-piece):

3. メルヘン風景チュニック (Melhen/Fairytale Landscape tunic):

4. バンビ幾何柄チュニック (Bambi Deer Geometric Pattern tunic), I am glad I have found this one on yahoo auction as its hard to find and was released in 2010 which is considered a long time ago in Japan`s quick fashion world. The print sort reminds me of Folk Gorodet art. :

5. 馬柄ワンピース (Horse Pattern one-piece). This one also reminds me of Folk Gorodet art, and I have seen Gorodet art of horses in similar designs as the ones on this dress:

6. エスニックバンダナパネルワンピース (Ethnic Bandanna Panel one-piece):

7. フルーツ柄 ワンピース (Fruit Pattern One-Piece):

8. フルーツ柄パネル ミディースカート (Fruit Pattern Panel Midi skirt):

9. スカーフパネル花柄スカート (Scarf Panel Floral skirt):

10. 大判パネル柄スカーフ (Large Designed Panel Pattern scarf):

11.  花のストライプロングスカート (Flower Stripe long skirt):

12. 鳩時計モチーフネックレス (Cuckoo Clock Motif necklace):

13. フルーツプリントスカーフ (Fruit Print scarf) I forgot to add this to the all together photo.

recent purchases


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I have always wanted a tiered metal plate stand like the kind you see at an afternoon tea/high tea in a British style teatime, usually though these stands are expensive but after searching a whole lot on the internet I found a reasonable priced and a nice style tiered metal stand on rakuten. I had to search for plates seperately since it only came with the stand, its really hard to find floral small plates in Japan, I only found one place that had rose floral type plates that were not outrageously expensive. Western style plates, teacups and anything “foreign” is really expensive in Japan. The plates I got were the only reasonable and pretty plates I could find in the area for aroun 600yen each/6 dollars. Now my Re-Ment Mickey and Minnie cake stand have a real life cake stand to sit side by side!

And I got some cinammon sticks I found at Daiso in their Autumn Seasonal collection, normally I don`t see cinammon sticks anywhere in Japan so I had to get them! The folk panel dress from Axes Femme I decided on the white & red one as the pattern standed out the best in this color version. Also got a big cameo necklace from Axes Femme. I think I spent too much this month >_<;

recent purchase Tamagotchi…


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I got this tamagotchi at the local electronic store on clearance for 2000yen which is a great deal as they usually go for 4500 yen or more. I honestly wouldn`t of bought it if it was regular price, as I told myself I would buy one only if I ever find one on clearance/at a good deal! I was curious to bring back a nostalgic feeling of having a virtual pet like the 1990s (I know…that was a long time ago).

I am so excited to have a tamagotchi with a colored screen as the 90s ones did not have colors. Of course there is more things to do on this modern tamagotchi than the old 90s ones as well. I think the colors are super cute on the shell too. I love how its multi-colored of pink and pastel lavender and has jewels on it.

The seperate ribbon is a deco *piece* that you can attach to your tamagotchi to get extra content, this one is a deco piece called melody land pierce.